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700 B2B Marketers Share Insights on the State of Content Marketing

Tom Rousseau Wow! Wait until to you read this data point. According to a recent DemandGen Report, 90 percent of business buyers say that when they are ready to buy, they’ll find you.

What does that really mean? To me, it means your customers type your product name into a search browser and visit your website for three to five minutes in the “awareness stage.” Almost 90 percent of their buying journey, however, includes reviewing a ton of content from other separate third-party sources and locations to make a buying decision.

I keep preaching that marketers have completely lost control of how their customers learn about their product in each of the four purchase process stages. This statistic validates that claim.

For now let’s stay at 50,000 feet and leverage new research from the B2B Content Marketing Trends Survey that Hanley Wood recently co-sponsored. Here are the top five insights that 700 B2B marketers shared around their content go-to-market strategy for their company:

1. Content is now mainstream and becoming more sophisticated in its efforts to drive more SQL leads and enable thought leaders. This means that marketers have a big pain point around headcount/budget, talent and speed of getting content done in time to drive great sales for their biggest product launches.

2. White papers are declining in usage. This means video is kicking butt and buyers demand fast, interactive and digestible formats like video. Think about it, can you really see yourself or a busy building products buyer sitting down to read a six to eight page 5,000 word white paper? Come on, we all know the answer.

3. More than 80 percent of B2B marketers are increasing content production. This means that we HAVE TO FEED THE MONSTER. “Need content for websites, social media channels, etc… Hey Mr. or Mrs. BPM Marketer, do you want that huge investment in dollars to become a huge publisher of content—or focus energy on driving sales for your company?”

4. YouTube is gaining in B2B and Facebook is losing ground. This brings me back to the same point in number two: video is winning. But wait; guess who is launching video as we speak—Facebook! Got to love good ‘ol American competition.

5. Marketing automation platforms has increased from 43 percent to 62 percent. When I worked at Dell, Inc., who rolled out 100,000 people on SFDC Automation Platform, guess what their biggest pain point was and still is? Relevant and compelling new content for dozens of new product nurturing trees and pain of creating a ton of new content for their re-contact strategy and lead scoring system.

Check out the full B2B Content Marketing Trends Survey. If you would like to see real world content marketing case studies, please contact me via email. We can share how Hanley Wood Strategic Marketing Services can help you “feed your monster” with fast, compelling and audience-specific content from our subject matter experts.

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