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Future of B2B Marketing for Building Products Manufacturers (BPMs)

Tom Rousseau Hit my six months in July in working in the BPM industry after 30+ years consulting with the tech industry's biggest global brands. Still a newbie to the BPM industry but after 150 in-person and face to face conversations and meetings in past six months with small, medium and big BPM marketers now starting to think about and having some fun comparing where the largest global brands in building and construction are at with their GTM's (go to market) strategies and execution for marketing and sales compared to top global brands in the tech industry.

Comparing go to market strategies for products/solutions around Cloud, Virtualization, Networking and Notebooks to Concrete Construction. Remodeling and Architects projects and Builders may seem like a crazy idea but hang with me here for a moment as I share three investment areas that BPMs are now driving to execute that Tech companies did five to seven years ago.

  1. BPMs Big Focus on Big Data. Yes, that is the first move that BPM executives are sharing with us. Building and Construction marketers have realized that cleaning up their customer database and make it useful to drive more efficient sales is critical to growing business to current customers and new customer acquisition. They want to simply know more about their customers and investing in database in a big way. Tech companies did this in early 2000s and now BPMs are doing it in 2013.
  2. BPMs Taking the Dive into Marketing and Sales Automation. When I was at the IBS show in January (International Builders Show), I met with 15–20 BPM marketers. Heard little about CRM activities and Cloud products like SFDC (Salesforce.com). Just got back from the our American Institute of Architects show (20,000+ Architects in Denver) and in my 15+ meetings with executives from BPM companies – every third meeting BPM execs shared with me they had moved to SFDC recently or will be very soon.
  3. The "New" Corner Office on the Marketing Floor at Most Major BPM Offices. Recently I was walking down the hall way of a Top 100 Global Brand company that sells products into the BPM industry. On my way to the end office here are the titles/roles/functions of the folks who work in the last four offices:
    1. Ecommerce Director (selling from their BPM website)
    2. Director of Database and Sales Automation (found out later that this is the SFDC team that aligns marketing to sales)
    3. Social Media Director
    4. Content Director

Well after six months I am both shocked and very excited to see the transformation commitment of all size BPM companies in the Building and Construction industry investing in their customer database. In fact that is exactly what Hanley Wood is doing with our editorial-driven, owned and operated database. Why? We strongly believe the technology has changed the future of marketing in a big way. In fact the focus on customer databases and data sets that segment your buyers will finally bring more alignment between marketing and sales teams in the companies who are trying to gain competitive advantage by leveraging Technology. It's the only way to go since our new research shows the investment and migration of our audiences in the BPM industry (Concrete Construction, Remodeling, Architect and Builder) to tablets and smartphone is happening in a big way! Buyers are using new devices and platforms to learn about you, your company and your products.

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